Small Grains Field Day Goes Virtual

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NC State Extension hosted its first-ever Small Grains Virtual Field Day on March 18, 2020. Our specialists were scheduled to hold a field day at the Piedmont Research Station in Salisbury, but the program was adapted to promote social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic while still serving the farmers and agribusinesses that depend on NC State University’s expertise and research.

Watch below and join us at each stop to learn about management decisions you can still make in your wheat crop and to learn about some of our alternative small grain crops in North Carolina. Make comments or post questions on YouTube and we will answer your questions in the video comment feed. You may also ask questions on our Twitter feeds @NCGrainTalk and @NCOVT or email questions to

These videos cannot replace all of our in-person contacts, but we hope they will help you stay connected with us here at NC State Extension.

2020 Virtual Small Grains Field Day